Massage has long been known to have many benefits by bringing fresh blood and nutrients to muscles, skin and surrounding tissue.

It is my belief that a massage treatment should be deep enough to relieve tension to help ease aches and pain but also to be deeply relaxing. I tailor every treatment to the client's current needs using a combination of different techniques to achieve a deeply relaxing, yet very effective treatment.

Beautiful woman enjoying a massage therapy

Gentlemen, this is a professional practice and any requests regarded as inappropriate will result in treatment being terminated immediately at full cost.

Full Body Massage

A full body massage aimed to relieve stiffness and tightness in the muscles to help with aches and pains caused by physical activities or stress.

A full body massage consists of a back, neck and shoulder massage, front and back of legs, front and back of arms, upper chest and neck, face and scalp. An abdominal massage can be also be included to help with the symptoms of digestive issues if required.

Treatment time is for 60 minutes but can be extended to 75 or 90 minutes. For the longer treatments, more time can be spent on face and scalp or can include a short reflexology treatment.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Concentrating on the back, neck & shoulders, this massage is ideal for helping ease tight shoulder muscles – very common with anyone spending lots of time sitting at a desk, or for anyone who generally deals with a lot of stress.

Loosening tight shoulder and neck muscles through massage, may also be beneficial for helping ease headaches.

Muscular aches and pain in the lower back, maybe due to gardening or physical work (such as with builders) can also be relieved through a back massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Back, neck & shoulder massages can be easily adjusted for pregnancy through comfortable positioning and for longer treatments, combining with Reflexology is highly recommend.

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